The joke that everyone is in on

Luchas is a famous sport in Mexico. The sport happens as much in the ring than outside of it. The crowds will shout and hassle one another, the referee or the wrestlers. The wrestlers will run the joke that everyone is in on.

Lucha libre is said to have started sometime in the 1860s. Its popularity has only increased since then. The wrestlers still hold true to their spandex attire and colourful masks. There are two sides in Mexican wrestling: técnicos (good guys) and rudos (bad guys).

Luchas in Mexico is more than a sport. It has a politically incorrect culture around it with famous wrestlers and songs commonly played at weddings and parties about them. Wrestlers are men, women, dwarfs; all making moves known as “llaves” or keys. Famous wrestlers will have their signature move.

Whilst a luchador that takes the mask of another is disqualified, taking the mask is taking another wrestlers honour; hence you might witness the shameful event of a wrestler losing their mask. Often, wrestlers dont have masks but instead long hair. It is common to observe a dare of “mascara vs cabellera” (mask vs hair).

And like all good events in Mexico, snacks and drinks are readily available to help you enjoy the experience