The invisible world

The wonders of the world remain relatively exclusive. In some ways is better this way and if anything more can be done to limit the reckless divers that have no sense of own space and destroy corals that took hundreds of years to form. In other ways, how can you love (and thus protect) what you do not know? Under these waters lies an amazing formation of rocks and corals that freezes time for all the while you are in it. And that I hope will survive this era of waste.


Forgotten or undiscovered?

Close to the border between Queensland and New South Wales is a little town that seems to have been neglected by most for a long time. It is, however, popular amongst fishermen and somewhat by divers too. Aside from the wonders of the sea, this little town is just an amazing setting for a weekend of peace with its long beaches and amazing sunsets.


Underwater experiences

Under these rocks lies a pass-through with a lot of surge, cods over a meter long and large amounts of fish. As most experiences underwater, it is hard to make any justice to the amazing underwater world with words. An experience everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.