[bonus] The Blue Bicycle

With a menu full of different and exciting (mainly fish) dishes – all sourced with local produce, the Blue Bicycle was definitely a great way to end the England tour of the holiday.

At the side of the River Foss, the restaurant expands two levels. It is said that the venue used to be a pleasure palace and the small cave like tables downstairs had once upon a time curtains in where the clients would go in to see a little bit of heaven between the legs of an unknown stranger. It is also believed that the owner or madame used to leave out a blue bicycle to let the clientele know the place was open for business. A tradition that is still being followed to let people know the restaurant is ready for service.  

Whether this story is true or not I cannot be sure. I like to believe it is as the place certainly has character. In any case the perfect place for a date or the end of a holiday. 



The Gothic cathedral of York is considered the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It is built upon an older minster. This cathedral has a police of its own, added to many more staff (they add up to 150) it costs the minster £7 a day! Plus the government doesn’t contribute to the maintenance of this building, it is no wonder then why they have to charge!

The highest point in York is the minsters 230 feet tower. Climbing the 275 steps to the top means close up views and overviews of York Minsters pinnacles, gargoyles and carvings; plus views of the whole city. Plus who knows, on a sunny day you might even see a proposal! The exercise might also be insightful and a good time for reflection as you twist and twist to the top. 

Next time you are in York, even if it is cliché and you are not religious, definitely worth a visit. And climb the tower, it really is not that scary regardless of whatever they say about vertigo!